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New year coming. Old year leaving.

Whats up people!! I know it has been sometime since I have been on this thing BUT, I thought it be appropriate to leave some finals words of 2011 on here.

This year like all other years has put me on a roller coaster of vast emotions. From going job to job to completing college credits to figuring out where people stand in my life. As another year passes, something is always learned whether it was a negative or a positive.  Going into the new year, I believe that a person must enter it with a clear conscience and a new state of mind.  Lets go in to the new year wanting to be a better and more understanding person.  Make 2012 one worth living. With that said, I have come up with a list of ways to improve my life and make 2012 the best darn year it can be.

New year. New ways:

  1. "Moneys not everything. Not having it is." Be thrifty with your money.  Make conscious decisions on what you spend and how you spend it.  Having money is definitely more important than having material things.  Material things wont help your bank  account.
  2. Those who care, share. It is very seldom to come across good people.  So when you do, take what they have to say into account.  These are the people who will keep you most grounded and will not be afraid to put you in check when out of line.  Let their words be your guide.
  3. Live in the NOW! Be able to let go and move on. Past friendships, Ex’s, whatever it maybe. LEAVE IT!  Do not allow the past to predict your life in the future.  Focus more on the “lets make it happen” rather than “what did happen.” 
  4. YOLO.  You only live once, SO LIVE IT UP!!  Not only does it have a catchy beat you can dance to, but it makes sense (the phrase not the song that is). Explore the world and all the great things it has to offer every chance you get.  Do something new and out of your comfort zone.  Make a move on that girl or guy you have had your eyes on.  Go through life being able to say, “I did that” rather than “I wanted to do that.” 
  5. Be responsible, Act mature, be Grown.  The older we get, the more responsibilities are thrown in our lap.  This is not kindergarten.  There is no more hand holding here.  Be a grown up and take care of it yourself.  
  6. Challenge yourself.   Take chances and make risks!!  If you don’t challenge yourself, you will never really know what great potential you really have.
  7. Efficiens Non Decorus. Latin, literal translation : Efficient not Decorative.  Conversationally, it is used to mean something along the lines of, “it may not be pretty, but it gets the job done.”  Function over form.  To act without recognition or reward.  Sometimes in life, you just have to do what you have to do.

    I would like to thank all those people who have come in to my life and have stuck with me.  Some of you stick out more than others but, nonetheless, you all mean a great deal to me.  By being in your presence, I have become a better person and continue to strive to be even better.  Thanks!  May all of you have a great new years even and an even better NEW YEAR!!

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